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Education of Chinese Medicine ›› 2020, Vol. 39 ›› Issue (4): 31-33.doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-305X.2020.04.142

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TCM college students' understanding and coping strategies towards COVID-19: A case study of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Gao Peng, Wu Fengzhi, Zhao Baixiao, Li Feng, Zhao Jianlei, Han Xue, Yu Huan, Yan Xiaoxue, Bai Minghua, Li Tenghui, Ding Xia#   

  1. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing 100029
  • Received:2020-03-01 Published:2020-07-29

Abstract: An online questionnaire survey was conducted to investigate the understanding and coping strategies of COVID-19 for students from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM). The questions were designed by a team composed of undergraduates, postgraduates, Ph.D. students as well as experts from different areas of TCM. 1,674 students participated in this survey, including 1,113 undergraduates and 561 graduate students. Among them, there were 1,428 medical majors, 127 pharmaceutical majors and 119 non-medical majors (including students from management and humanities schools). SPSS 20.0 statistical software was used for data analysis. The results showed that college students in BUCM could basically master the knowledge of COVID-19 prevention and control, but there were differences between undergraduate and postgraduate students in terms of knowledge level. Therefore, multi-level training, clinic-oriented practice and teaching of TCM classics can be implemented to all to achieve the integration of knowledge and practice.

Key words: COVID-19, knowledge contest, coping strategy

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